The Kutná Hora Bible from the Museum of the Jindřichův Hradec Region

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The Museum of the Jindřichův Hradec Region has provided access to an incunabulum of the Kutná Hora Bible, published by the printer Martin of Tišnov in 1489 (shelf mark S 2746). This incunabulum was printed in two editions. This is a mixed type of the first and second editions (also referred to as the third type), where the missing bifolios of the second edition were added from the remains of the first edition and, after the printed supply was exhausted, the missing leaves were filled in by hand. The printed book was supplemented with coloured initials and, in a few cases, with decorated borders.


List of documents

Bible (Kutnohorská bible, vydání bez znaku)S 2746; Muzeum Jindřichohradecka; Jindřichův Hradec; Česko

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