A Hebrew Bible from the Library of the Latin School in Jáchymov

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The oldest manuscript in the collections of the Library of the Latin School in Jáchymov has been digitised. It is a Hebrew Bible from 1384 (shelf mark LC 202), containing most of the books of the Old Testament. The scribe of the calligraphic manuscript was Eliezer ben Yitzhak. The codex, which was probably written in Southern Germany, was purchased in 1546 or 1547 by the headmaster of the Latin school and pastor in Jáchymov, Johannes Mathesius, who subsequently donated it to the library of the local school.


List of documents

[Hebrejská bible, část - Proroci (Nevi'im) a Spisy (Ketuvim)]LC 202; Expozice Knihovny Latinské školy; Město Jáchymov; Jáchymov; Česko

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