WP8: Dissemination and Exploitation


  • Work package number: 8
  • Start date: Month 1
  • End date: Month 24
  • Work package title: Dissemination and Exploitation


  • The main objective of this Work Package is to promote the system features on national and international level during specialized and lately to wide public. Presentation of the system and explaining of the proposed services for further exploitation (public administrators, cultural organisations, educational organisations, on-line media companies, content producers, publishers, archive holders) and, at last, to examine further possible applications of the system and prepare the plan for further replication of project results.

Description of work

  • Work package leader: BNE
  • Task 8.1:Dissemination plan production (m0-m3)
    • Task leader: BNE
    • Participants in Task: : NKP, CCP
    • Dissemination plan to ensure that the project continues to achieve full potential impact on target groups will be created. Planned actions will include the following:
      • At least 1 workshop will be organized in each participating country in order to raise awareness and demonstrate the European added value of the international cooperation.
      • Articles and information material will be published in journals, newsletters, the popular press.
      • Information on the project outcomes will also be made available on the Internet as it is the basis of the project. The project will be also promoted via individual partners’ websites that already exist.
      • Set of publications will be produced to present the ENRICH project outputs in a
      • The project consortium will establish close relationships with other projects covering similar problems within other EU-funded or national programmes.
  • Task 8.2:Publicity Materials (m0-m24)
    • Task leader: BNE
    • Participants in Task: CCP, NKP, AIP
    • Creation of logo and design guidelines;
    • Production of project leaflets, press releases, folders, posters and brochures, and conducting of a press awareness campaign;
    • Creation of a standardized project presentation background (e.g. PowerPoint template) and exhibition stands.
  • Task 8.3:Web site update and Maintenance (m0-m24)
    • Task leader: AIP and NKP
    • Participants in Task: all
    • The existing portal http://www.manuscriptorium.net will be used as a main internet presentation of the project. It will be updated in order to promote ENRICH project and its results. The individual language versions of main ENRICH presentation will be produced by the partners and implemented. The website will be continuously updated.
  • Task 8.4:Exploitation plan production (m20-m23)
    • Task leader: BNE
    • Participants in Task: NKP, CCP, AIP
    • The exploitation plan will be produced describing the possibilities of further use of the project outputs and possibilities of their implementation in other institutions and countries.
  • Task 8.5:Organizing the final conference (m20-m24)
    • Task leader: BNE
    • Participants in Task: all
    • Final conference will be organized by BNE and attended by the representatives of all project partners. The representatives of the important institutions in the digitization domain and stakeholder groups from the whole Europe will be invited to participate, including the representatives of associated partners. Project results will be presented and accompanied by the presentations of related research projects and possibilities of follow up actions will be discussed.

(Inter-) Dependencies, milestones and expected result

  • The WP is horizontal and based on the results of all other WPs. Main result expected is the attraction of new users of the Manuscriptorium and new partners willing to provide their data via Manuscriptorium interface.