WP7: Evaluation, testing and validation


  • Work package number: 7
  • Start date: Month 3
  • End date: Month 23
  • Work package title: Evaluation, testing and validation


  • Evaluation of usability and adaptability of tools, platforms and applications developed while implementing the ENRICH project, such as personalization for contributors and users, multilingual and user friendly access;
  • To test the possibilities of application of modern tools for automated translation tools for multilingual search engine over existing data and metadata and the new data sets in order to fix possible shortcomings and improve the results before ending the project.

Description of work

  • Task 7.1:Defining evaluation strategy
    • The basic principles and evaluation criteria developed by world wide known teams (such as W3C, Minerva Technical Guidelines or Abo Academy - Finland) will be studied and adopted for evaluation and testing of e-applications planed to be developed in the frame of the project ENRICH. The respective weighting of criteria for evaluation of the results should be proposed, indicating more and less important categories. Describing positives and negatives of the applications usable for improving the working methods. Evaluating the platform, allowing testing of newly processed data (i.e. automated translation) and their usefulness to new implemented or modified tools.
  • Task 7.2:Testing and evaluating the accessibility, usability and adaptability of developed applications
    • Evaluation step by step the technical aspects and usability of the system. Consortium will prepare and assess evaluation tests, following recognised usability procedures. The usability evaluation will cover the assessment of all aspects of the service and language groupings, and be carried out in partnership with the user partners. The evaluation results will be fed back to the technical partners (who will adjust the technology platform). The evaluation process will reflect all strong and weak points of the results derived in the frame of ENRICH project: interactivity, interoperability – developed system being able to share information across databases and other online entities. Tested if similar data models and metadata element sets are used for semantically similar items and concepts.
  • Results:
    • All the e-applications developed in the project will be tested and evaluated on different content
    • Problems and bugs of developed tools will be fixed and adjusted by technical partners
    • All the strong and weak points of the results of ENRICH will be described in the evaluation report

(Inter-) Dependencies, milestones and expected result

  • M 7.1: Tested and evaluated usability and adaptability of the e-applications (personalization for contributors and users, multilingual and user friendly access, 23rd month of the project work).
  • The WP depends on the results of all technological WPs – WP3, WP4, WP5 and WP6.
  • Expected results: well tested system, contributor & user-friendly, accessible and usable in wider European community, reflecting wider cultural requirements, ensuring the content to be perceivable, operable and understandable by the broadest possible range of users and compatible with their wide range of assistive technologies, now and in the future.