WP2: Preparation for system implementation and content enhancement


  • Work package number: 2
  • Start date: Month 1
  • End date: Month 15
  • Work package title: Preparation for system implementation and content enhancement


  • Identification of various content holder requirements that concern work with written cultural heritage (medieval manuscripts and other historical documents) in the integrated environment, survey of metadata and data formats. The idea of the integrated environment will be analytically conceptualised and principles of practical collaboration as for collecting heterogeneous data established. The formal rules of data gathering will be defined.

Description of work

  • Work package leader: NKP
  • Task 2.1:Survey of availability of digitized manuscripts and other historical materials (m0-m3)
    • Task leader: NKP
    • Participants in Task: : AIP, KU, BNCF, VUL, ULW, SAM, DSP, NULI, BNE, BUTE
    • A survey of availability of digitized manuscripts and other historical materials in partner institutions will be made to establish the quantity of material with which they will contribute to the project and preferred degree of sharing the data with Manuscriptorium (e.g., OAI harvesting and referencing to the original sources with possible display of data under the same interface, production of Manuscriptorium compatible structures with Manuscriptorium tools and distributed data storage, requirements for metadata transformation, regimes of accessibility, linguistic requirements, etc.). This survey will actualize the figures given in Chapter 4 of this DoW. The increase of the total sum of digitized objects can be expected as most project partners are continuously working on digitization of their manuscripts and old prints. The figures given in Chapter 4 are based on preliminary research carried out during project preparation period (these numbers can be guaranteed, but the final numbers of digital objects made accessible will probably be higher).
  • Task 2.2:Workshop of technical and content partners (m3)
    • Task leader: NKP
    • Participants in Task: all
    • Workshop will be organized at the end of month 3 where the content partners and the technical partners will agree the initial set of requirements. A technical group will be established to propose the necessary techniques for transposition of the requirements into technical tools. Possible strategies will be set up following the policies of participating institutions. In this stage also test bed partners (associated partners) will be found or confirmed.
  • Task 2.3:Dialogue for preparing the technical conditions for inter-system communication (m3-m6)
    • Task leader: NKP
    • Participants in Task: all
    • The dialogue will be led with the content partners to prepare the technical conditions for the agreed way of inter-system communication – OAI-PMH harvesting, distributed storage, Manuscriptorium compatible document production, etc.
  • Task 2.4:Definition of standards and development of metadata (m6-m15)
    • Task leader: BUTE
    • Participants in Task: AIP, OUCS, KU, BNCF, IMI, VUL, ULW, SAM,UZK, DSP, NULI, BNE, BUTE, PSNC
    • Define the types and coverage of the descriptive, administrative, preservation and structural metadata and the collection level descriptions for the additional metadata to be provided regarding the digital objects provided as digital masters, the digital objects derived from such masters, the collections of any of the above. Develop the metadata not yet available regarding the digital objects and collections provided in the framework of the project

(Inter-) Dependencies, milestones and expected result

  • M2.1 – Initial workshop (Month 3).This meeting will have two parts – workshop dedicated to T 2.2 and meeting dedicated to T 3.1 (consultation with other MASTER users). This will allow establishing the optimal strategy of implementation of selected technical solutions in partner institutions.