ENRICH meeting in Reykjavik

The Technical Workshop and Management Meeting held in Iceland was an opportunity for the whole ENRICH team of partners to meet, review progress, share experiences and raise issues. ENRICH partners also made important decisions about the next steps to be taken to move forward with project plans.

We would like to take the opportunity and thank to The National and University Library of Iceland for the organisation of the meeting and the very special guidance to the manuscripts reserved in the library.

The first day focused mainly on WP2 and WP5.
The initial survey in WP2 was concluded and the dialogue for preparing intersystem communication was running. The actual tasks in WP5 involved the creation of the M-tool descendants, analysis and terminology for connecting the external data sets and running the pilot phase.

Partners were informed that Manuscriptorium clone for testing and verification was available for all partners. All together 7 organisations, 3 of them associated ones provided their data in the clone.

On the second day the TEI conformant specification has been introduced to the partners by Lou Burnard. He informed all partners that consultations with MASTER users outside ENRICH were carried out, it was analyzed which parts of the MASTER system have been actually used.

The first version of SYSTRAN translation style sheet was developed and demonstrated to partners (not yet integrated to the platform).

And finally dissemination and management tasks have been discussed.
All agreed that technical partners will meet in September this year in Florence.