Workshop for potential Manuscriptorium contributors to be held on 26.-27.3. 2009 in Vilnius

All representatives of the instututions holding manuscripts worldwide are kindly invited to participate at the next ENRICH project event.

The seminar will be targeting the future Manuscriptorium contributors independently of the fact whether they operate their own digital libraries or they are just newcomers in this field. The functionalities of Manuscriptorium as well as the methods of practical cooperation will be demonstrated including presentations of successfully cooperating partners.

Preliminary programme
March 26th
• Introducing ENRICH
• Methods of cooperation in ENRICH
1. M-Tool (creating of the structural and descriptive metadata for individual documents)
2. Off-line connector (converting existing structural and descriptive metadata content off-line)
3. On-line connector (converting existing structural and descriptive metadata content using OAI-PMH interface)
4. Offline automated generation of structural metadata and connector of existing descriptive metadata (see below for details)
• TEI P5 and XML concept introduction
• Practical examples and experiences from associated partners
• Translation Interface demonstration
• Round table discussion with the main technical partners
March 27th
TEI P5 workshop for all interested stakeholders

The short course held by Oxford University Computing Service course intends to provide a good introduction to the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) Guidelines for the Encoding of Digital Texts. The course aims at those who have some technical knowledge (for example, the ability to use e-mail and the web) and are aware of the potential of digital texts. It was also suitable for technical support staff working with such users.

The participation on the seminar is free of charge. The participants are expected to cover their travel expenses. If you are interested in participation on the seminar or receive more detailed information, please contact the organizers at one of the following addresses:

Nerute Kligiene, Institute (Institute of Mathematics& Informatics, technological ENRICH partner) by nerute at, phone +370 5 2660386 or Skype - nerutei)
Jakub Heller, Cross Czech a.s., jakub.heller at, +420602771784
Zdeněk Uhlíř, National Library of Czech Republic, zdenek.uhlir at, +420731612422