How to Join Us

If you decide to become our associated partners, you have decided to share your data with us, i.e. to enable their handling - indexing and display - in the Manuscriptorium Digital Library. As a rule, the images can remain on your servers, because the only thing we need is to get descriptive data with links to images, preferably based on the Manuscriptorium compatible XML schema.

If you operate a digital library, most probably it will be possible to connect you so that Manuscriptorium will be a second access point to your data. For this, we need much more information about how you work. For this, you are welcome to fill in the following questionnaire.

If you are a newcomer, but you have digital data that fits in the Manuscriptorium area of work or if you intend to start such digitization, you are invited to use our structuring software that will be further improved and developed (see Products). In this way, Manuscriptorium can be your solution for online sharing your data.

What you get

If your data is accepted in Manuscriptorium,

  • you are starting to build with us the largest manuscript digital library in Europe. Your data remains in your ownership, Manuscriptorium gets only the right to handle them for access purposes. This is specified in the License Agreement between you as a contributor and the administrator, i.e. the National Library of the Czech Republic. The Supplement to the License Agreement lists the documents with which you contribute to Manuscriptorium

  • your institution gets IP-based full free access to the whole Manuscriptorium content. For this you must sign the Sub-License Agreement.

What to do first

  1. Declare in written your interest to be our associated partner; to send us your Letter of Intent, use the sample Letter of Intent
  2. Fill-in the following access questionnaire so that we know more about the content you can offer and your technological possibilities

Any questions?

May you have any questions, feel free to contact us on the following address:
enrich.coordinators at

Letter of Intent (sample)26.5 KB
Access Questionnaire61.5 KB
License Agreement55 KB
Supplement to the License Agreement32 KB
Sub-License Agreement47.5 KB